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THe Bible Timeline

The best way I've found to read the Bible and I mean all of the Bible is to use the Bible Timeline Study. Jeff Cavins explains why you shouldn't read the Bible in order, and how you should read it. He walks along with you for the whole process and for me, it was life-changing! 

Before I took this course, I thought I would never understand the Old Testament. This study opened my eyes to the importance of the Old Testament, and the connection to the New Testament. And, most importantly, it helped me to feel more confident reading scripture on my own. 

Ask your church to offer the program or purchase it on your own. 

Another great Bible Study I love is Walking With Purpose. It's like Bible study for people who have never done a Bible study.

Walking into WWP was the first time I attended a Bible study where I didn't feel completely overwhelmed. It felt okay to be in the group even though I had very little experience reading the Bible. 

Again, ask your church to offer this program, or get together with a bunch of friends and go through it on your own. 

Sorry fellas, this one's just for the ladies!

Favorite Verses

If you feel completely and totally overwhelmed with the idea of sitting down and reading scripture, I get it. A great place to start is with Growing Catholics.


Growing Catholics sends out a daily scripture verse with a beautiful picture of nature in the background. Once you start seeing these scripture verses every day, you start to notice that you might know a lot of them, even if you don't currently read the Bible. That's because we hear them at mass every Sunday. 

Of course, I am particularly partial to Growing Catholics because I work for them as well - full disclosure there. But I'm pretty sure I'd fall in love with these verses even if I didn't.

For Women

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