What Do Catholics Believe?




*There are tons of resources available to learn about our faith so it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Let's just start with a few trusted ones*

The Catechism

By far, the best way to find out what we believe is to check out the Catechism. This book isn't meant to be read cover to cover, so start in the index. There you can easily find out what Catholic church says about Angels, the Death Penalty, Horoscopes, Jealousy, Mary, Purgatory, Saints, Sexuality and more. Heck, there's even a section in there about Market Economy! 

Check it out free online, or buy a copy. 

Some people are apologists for a living! No, I don't mean they spend their time apologizing for things. They spend their time learning everything they can about what the Catholic Church believes and why then sharing that information with others. 

I'm sure there are lots of great apologetics resources, but I'd start with the Catholic Answers Podcast. 

A Relatable priest

If you are more of a visual person, I'd suggest starting out with Fr. Mike Schmitz. 

He does quick videos explaining various aspects of our faith and answering common questions we all have. 

He absolutely knows his stuff, but speaks simply and clearly so he's easy to understand. 

A Podcast

Are we missing some great resources? 

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